Garand, .30 Carbine Bore Guide

The M1 Garand and M1 Carbine rifles had a major design flaw, not in the rifles themselves, but their cleaning system supplied to the troops. There was no consideration taken to protect the muzzle while cleaning. Over five million of the fine Garand rifles were made, and today it is rare to find one with original barrel. Several things caused barrels to be replaced. First is barrel pitting from corrosive ammunition; GI Bore Cleaner killed the primer residue and protected the bore. Second is from high round counts. Third is muzzle wear from the cleaning rods, the worst being the jointed M1 cleaning rods. Without a doubt, the jointed (screw together) GI cleaning rod probably ruined more barrels than the other two combined. Troops were given bronze brushes and told to scrub the barrels until clean, with no thought of protecting the muzzle. We constantly hear stories from vets saying they scrubbed their barrels until they shined with hundreds of passes with the GI cleaning rod. Result is a clean barrel, but accuracy is gone. One five-minute cleaning session without protecting the muzzle from the rod will ruin the accuracy of a barrel. Actually, only one unprotected pass down the bore with a warped rod is enough to ruin the accuracy of your barrel. The main problem was the jointed steel rods (not being straight) rubbing on the muzzles wore them down and just a minute rub causing crown damage will destroy the accuracy of the M1 or any other rifle cleaned from the muzzle. Many a Remington 742, 760, 7400 and 7600 have ruined barrels because of cleaning rod wear. As well many a Marlin 336 and Winchester 94, Browning BARs and countless other guns have ruined barrels because they are cleaned from the muzzle without protection. A very simple and unique tool is now available that protects these barrels from wear: "The Bore Guide" by Jake Gage. Fabricated from a 30.06 cartridge case in a five step process and slid over the cleaning rod and may be retained on rod until next used. Directions: Ease jag/brush into muzzle. Run "The Bore Guide" up rod until neck goes in muzzle, and proceed to clean. Holding the gauge into the muzzle, you can now scrub your barrel vigorously. On the last pass, release "The Bore Guide", sliding it out the barrel ahead of the jag/brush. Absolutely protects the last half-inch of muzzle from rod damage. Jake Gage has found for cleaning .30 caliber barrels a .25 caliber brush (either nylon or bronze) works well. Just wrap a .30 caliber patch around the brush, saturated with bore solvent, and it gives a nice snug cleaning action that won?t fall off when rod goes into chamber area. "The Bore Guide" will fit over all known .22 and .30 caliber rods manufactured today. With care, "The Bore Guide" will last for many years and protect the life of your barrel. "The Bore Guide" is usable for .30 caliber rifles but also .32, .35 and .375 caliber rifles cleaned from the muzzle. $6.50, shipping included. Visa and MasterCard accepted. FREE shipping. May ship via United States Post Office.

Garand, .30 Carbine Bore Guide
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